Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Anime Deathmatch!

Now, in addition to Down in the Dojo being relaunched there's also a second show being started: Anime Deathmatch! In this show I've selected 96 of the (what I think) best long films in the history of anime and pitted them against each other in terms of Heroes, Villains, Plot, Animation, Soundtrack, and the vague X Factor.

Here's the first episode, Briar Rose, or Sleeping Beauty (1990) vs. The Garden of Words (2013):

To back this show up, you can follow the progress of the Anime Deathmatch tournament at BracketCloud. The next match will be Grey: Digital Target (1986) vs. Brave Story (2006).

You may notice that I promised a videoessay of the loser. Well, in hindsight I decided to create and air the videoessay separately. But never fear, the video is there!

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