Monday, May 25, 2015


Yes, now Down in the Dojo has its own Patreon Campaign page!

Patreon is an innovative way to connect makers and fans with little overhead. Tip as much or as little as you want to help a creator out. OR watch this video to see what Down in the Dojo on Patreon can mean for you!

Down in the Dojo 04: Kung Fu Fever

This went live earlier today, but I forgot to post! At least my promise was to release a new Down in the Dojo on Sunday, and that happened! Yay for setting a deadline and meeting it!

In this episode we look at the subgenre of a subgenre: BRUCESPLOITATION! Just because Bruce Lee died there was no reason to quit making Bruce Lee movies. That man's no quitter! Watch as we explore the seedy underbelly of Hong Kong looking for the finger technique book. Or, at least some nearby woods.

And in even better news... wait, this deserves a post of its own!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Film Dojo 0001: Melies and the Moon

WElcome back, and here' the last of the initial relaunch of Down in the Dojo, another series called Film Dojo! Here I'll be going through this 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book and giving each a full videoessay. The first looks at the 1902 classic short A Trip to the Moon.

And that concludes the first round fo shows! There are some scheduling issues to work out so you know what comes next:

The next Down in the Dojo episode will review Kung Fu Fever (1979), and that should be out on a Sunday, 5/24. Unless I luck out and get it finished earlier!

After that I want to keep a Sunday release schedule once per week ideally; we'll see what happens. This means the next Anime Deathmatch (Grey Digital Target vs. Brave Story) would be 5/31. the videossay for the Daeathmatch loser would be 6/7, and the next Film Dojo (featuring The Great Train Robbery) would be 6/14. The the cycle would repeat: Down in the Dojo --> Anime Deathmatch --> Deathmatch videoessay --> Film Dojo.

Form time to time there will also be little vlogs to update things or talk about whatever, and occasionally an Anime Deathmatch Special Edition on something not featured in the matches or to review an entire season.

We're just getting started! Let's get ready to rumble!

Sunt Lacramae Rerum, Sleeping Beauty

And here's the video essay for the loser of the last Anime Deathmatch! In the future, the two won't follow immediately on each other so quickly. I realize that doing so is an instant spoiler, but this time around as a an initial sampling and launch of the channel I felt it necessary.

Anime Deathmatch!

Now, in addition to Down in the Dojo being relaunched there's also a second show being started: Anime Deathmatch! In this show I've selected 96 of the (what I think) best long films in the history of anime and pitted them against each other in terms of Heroes, Villains, Plot, Animation, Soundtrack, and the vague X Factor.

Here's the first episode, Briar Rose, or Sleeping Beauty (1990) vs. The Garden of Words (2013):

To back this show up, you can follow the progress of the Anime Deathmatch tournament at BracketCloud. The next match will be Grey: Digital Target (1986) vs. Brave Story (2006).

You may notice that I promised a videoessay of the loser. Well, in hindsight I decided to create and air the videoessay separately. But never fear, the video is there!

Down in the Dojo Relaunch & Episode 3!

Well, so... How have y'all been?

Obviously, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. It's also been a while since I've heard from Sifu. Possibly, the two are related. 

And then one day, this DVD just fell into my lap and a strange visitor arrived to guide me back to the artform. So, here we are with a review of John Woo's early work: Last Hurrah for Chivalry!

Now, a few other things: Twitter! Yes there's an official Twitter feed here. Also, an official Facebook page!