Monday, October 14, 2013

Down in the Dojo, Episode 02: A Review of "The Crippled Masters"

While the video did indeed get uploaded to Veoh by Sunday night as planned, it was by the sin of my teeth! So, this post is only following a day after. Boushi-san is still trying to figure these interwebs out.

Just like he's trying to figure out how to make these videos. Bear with our intrepid reviewer as he fumbles his way through video and sound editing. Get one thing right, get ten things wrong. I'm no Yen Hui.Who? Yen Hui was the favored disciple of Confucius, of whom the Master said: "He understands one thing and learns ten more!" (I paraphrase heavily here, but you get the picture.)

Maybe the ridiculous lesson of combining the prowess of the two lead martial artists in Crippled Masters just by playing with jade ponies isn't so ridiculous after all...

No, the movie is still ridiculous.

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